Good communication is everything

good communication

Good communication is essential in every aspect of life but it is crucial in healthcare when you need to make decisions.

Being open with honest information and presenting /discussing realistic options, makes a huge difference and it’s one of the reasons why I focus on 1:1 consultations with parents.

A huge frustration has always been the way information can given to expectant parents by maternity services, often delivering information in a this is what will happen /this is what you should do style.

It’s important to be as clear as possible with information, to see how it lands with parents – how do they feel about the information, do they have questions, how can they tailor the information to their own birth preparation?

Good information means that parents can be as well prepared as possible and that they can have more realistic expectations of their care, the facilities and their options.

It’s no good preparing for the advantages of a birthing centre – with it’s carefully designed rooms, plenty of birth pools, continuous midwifery care and overnight stays – if it is closed due to staffing when you get there.

Good communication means that parents can plan effectively, they can think about where the challenges may be for them and how they will handle them, they can think abut what they may need and what options are available to them.

When good communication is not in place, expectant parents are frustrated and they can feel let down by a system they are grateful for and which they do not want to criticise.

If you are an expectant parent, what can you do – gather information, ask questions, know your options, think about what is going to helpful for you.

You can read and use my resources and arrange a conversation with me to talk it all through and to feel more organised and prepared.

About me

Pregnancy, birth and being a parent are very personal, which is why I tailor sessions and courses to each parent.

My philosophy is to focus on you and your personal needs & expectations around pregnancy, birth and having a baby. My aim is to provide you with ongoing support and reassurance, good information and a toolkit of techniques and strategies to use as you need them.

I am here to boost your confidence, to provide an experienced perspective and to help you develop the right strategies for you, your birth and your family.

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