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birth wellbeing

12 practical ways to boost your birth wellbeing

What do I mean by birth wellbeing? Well, it’s really easy to focus on contractions and to forget to think about what you might need to be physically and mentally well during labour and birth. Labour and birth has it’s own pace, it can demand a lot from you and that is normal and to be expected. No-one knows what the pace of their labour will be before it starts so realistic preparation so you can look after you is important. The thought of labour and birth can make expectant parents question things that they wouldn’t normally think about – can I eat, will I be allowed to move, what if I need the toilet? what if I don’t understand what’s happening? will I be allowed off the bed? So let’s run through the essentials of birth wellbeing so you feel less detached from your basic needs. Ideas for your birth wellbeing… Everyone’s labour and birth is different and you will have your own needs, which is why focusing on what you need is important …

Postnatal Words: Lonely

Some days are lonely – you might be wandering the streets on your own to get your baby to sleep or sitting among a group of mums who are talking about how well their baby sleeps when yours doesn’t. And it’s not about finding your tribe, it can be about accepting that feeling lonely is real and okay sometimes and getting some support to talk through any challenges or how you are feeling can make a huge difference. Through this website and my social media accounts you can read practical articles and posts along with different experiences and comment about all things pregnancy, birth and early parenting. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin Copyright: Janine Smith 2022

challenges of birth

Do you know how to prepare well for the challenges of birth?

The challenges of birth will be unique to you – what one woman finds challenging, another woman is okay with. Labour and birth preparation needs to be more than focusing on the straight-forward – challenges exist so there is power in acknowledging them and know more about how to work with them. And I’m not talking about complications of birth, when medical intervention is needed, challenges are normal and can occur during a straight-forward birth. What might the challenges of birth be? the position of your baby, which can cause backache, tiredness and a long labour the intensity of contractions fear and feeling overwhelmed a long labour which can be exhausting a fast labour with powerful contractions which are close together being induced, which can feel more medical than a spontaneous labour having an epidural, monitoring and being on a bed And how can you deal with the challenges of birth? Having strategies to use, going with your instincts and knowing your options means you can make decisions, say what you need and keep putting …

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Pregnancy Wellbeing

Pregnancy wellbeing can feel like an indulgence because pregnancy is natural, so what’s the fuss? While I don’t like a lot of fuss, pregnancy is just the time to start to focus on your wellbeing and what you need to feel as physically and mentally well as possible. The simple steps of pregnancy wellbeing can help you to feel well: rest when you need to and when you can swim, walk or do pregnancy yoga to ease aches and boost your energy levels breathe to de-stress, to be calm and to relax eat well and often – this isn’t a time to restrict food so healthy options throughout the day can help to ease any tiredness or nausea drink water throughout the day – it’s easy to become dehydrated de-stress – especially if you are busy with work as well as family life share how you feel if you are feeling low or isolated what do you need? focus on putting you first Finding what works and doing it will make a difference, so planning …

Pregnancy in your words: strong

Pregnancy can be such a positive time – feeling healthy and strong and in awe of your body as your baby grows and you experience changes. For some women it is a time of health and fitness – focusing on eating well, focusing on moving more and prioritising self care. Enjoy it, taking care of yourself is important and any new habits you develop now can continue to be part of your life when your baby is here. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin