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Mother Cuppa – a digital magazine for parents throughout pregnancy, for birth, babies and for life with a young family – will be launching in 2021.

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A checklist for new parents in the pandemic

We are living in strange times and anyone having a baby right now might be feeling isolated and unsure of where to go for support and reassurance. At the end of your pregnancy Ask you midwife what happens when you bring your baby home. Will there be home visits and how many? When will you get to meet/speak to your health visitor? Your health visitor Ask how the postnatal checks will work – are any face-to-face appointments? When will your baby be weighed? Can you contact her if you have any concerns and how do you do this? Weighing Ask your health visitor if your baby can be weighed? Look for the signs that your baby is putting on weight: getting bigger, healthy skin, wet & pooey nappies, alert and settled in-between feeds. If your baby can’t be weighed by your health visitor and you would like some reassurance of weight-gain, you could use some bathroom scales for an indication. You or your partner can stand on the scales – so you know your weight …

Protected: Relax & Breathe For Stress & Anxiety

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Relax & Breathe For Stress & Anxiety

Relax & Breathe For Stress & Anxiety is about simple and effective techniques to use every day. It is about practice and developing skills to manage discomfort or feelings of anxiety, stress or panic. By bringing this into your day, just for a few minutes, you can make some time for you and boost your general wellbeing. There isn’t anything complicated about developing your relax and breathe skills. It’s just about slowing your breathing, letting it be your focus and letting go of tension. But practice is crucial, so you can become familiar with relaxing your breathing and your body and to find what works for you. Sit comfortably, where you won’t be disturbed and give yourself a few minutes to focus on your breathing. The key to learning Relax & Breathe is to make time for it, to practise it and to develop it so it works for you. Just get in touch if you have any queries.Janine

support small businesses


There are so many brilliant small businesses who are challenged by the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, they are having to think differently, creating new ways of providing services online and selling their goods. While it might seem easier to shop at Amazon, Jeff has enough cash right now and using a small business means that bills get paid and hopefully businesses don’t go under. Here’s how you can help: Follow your favourite small businesses on social media and engage with them so you can find out what they have on offer. The engagement from following, sharing and liking posts could mean they reach more people who will want to buy/use their services. Buy gift vouchers – this will really help businesses who can’t open at all during lockdown Please don’t assume that everything is just closed – services could now be online, shops may be selling online or offering delivery/collection services, restaurants could be providing takeaway and hopefully pubs and breweries are able to do that as well. Ask what you can do to …