Author: Janine Smith

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How to prepare for birth

When you prepare for birth, it can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming – some expectant parents do every class and read every book, while others don’t think about it. In the 20 years as a practitioner, I have helped to prepare hundreds of expectant parents for labour and birth and I have also attended many births. I have a personalised approach to birth – how do you feel about it and what do you need to know? I’m all about a good conversation, so I can ask you questions and answer yours. know how to use your breathing – so many benefits but, ultimately, it’s what is going to keep you calm consider all births, not just your ideal birth – it’s not fixed so you have more control if you know more know where they challenges might be and how you could manage them be honest with yourself about any fears or worries – otherwise you might carry these concerns into labour with you, which can affect how it unfolds don’t just go …

Free Resources

Practical and informative toolkits for all parents to use: Relax & Breathe – simple and straight-forward techniques for everyone to use throughout your day, wherever you are. You can use these tools to: relax & de-stress head off any panic stay calm have an energy boost ease any discomfort use during pregnancy & birth help your baby settle Do Birth On Purpose – to encourage you to think about birth in a more strategic way. To focus on the birth you want and what that means What’s important for labour, birth, having a caesarean or being induced Gathering the right information, skills and coping strategies for you Beyond Birth – realistic expectations and more knowledge about looking after yourself and meeting the needs of your new baby. To focus on the first three months with your baby knowing more about how babies develop and grow knowing more about looking after yourself as a new parent Mother Cuppa – effective coaching tools for you to: focus on you think about where the challenges are understand why …

feeling trapped in pregnancy

Pregnancy in your words: trapped

Some women feel trapped in pregnancy – the weight of responsibility can be heavy and, right from the moment you know you are pregnant, everything changes. You have to think about what you eat and drink, there can be a need to be as healthy as possible, you may have to give in to what your pregnant body needs and life has to alter. There can also be financial considerations, as well as work, relationships and family. For some people it can be a heavy load. And it can affect partners as well who can need to focus on security, work and getting it right. There isn’t a right way to feel or to do this and pregnancy can be a time of complicated emotions. But it definitely helps to talk it through, to make sense of how you are feeling. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin

I hated being pregnant

I hated being pregnant – 5 different experiences

The feeling of “I hated being pregnant” could be more common than you think. Pregnancy can be a complicated and emotional rollercoaster and it’s just not a blissful or happy experience for some women. Not all pregnancies are wanted or expected and some come with the added issues of illness and decision-making. Or you could have a very wanted pregnancy, everything is going well but you hate it – not everyone has to enjoy those 9 months, even though that is probably the hope and expectation. Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of pregnant women and everyone’s experience is so individual but not many women feel comfortable about saying “I hated being pregnant.” I hated being pregnant – feeling ill “I just felt so ill – right from the beginning I felt really nauseous, day and night. I was never actually sick but I felt constantly sea sick. I kept waiting for it to get better but it never really did – it eased a bit during my second trimester but came back …

second-time parents

Birth preparation for second-time parents

When you are about to become second-time parents, or maybe even third or fourth-time parents, you still need to get ready for birth and a new baby again. Some of the second-time parents I see want to do the full antenatal course again – to thoroughly refresh their knowledge and skills, while others want to focus on more specific issues. As second-time parents, here are some of the birth & baby preparation options for you I work with a lot of second-time parents so I know how precious time can be and I am familiar with many of the issues second and third time around. Consultation Package These 1:1 sessions will be tailored to you. With a combination of birth debrief, talking through any concerns or worries about birth or having a new baby and discussing specific options & strategies, you will be better prepared with refreshed birth or baby knowledge. £150 with three 60-90minute consultation sessions, which can be arranged at a time to best suit you. Includes: access to birth preparation resources with downloadable worksheets. Plus …