birth debrief

Birth Debrief

Birth debrief sessions with me are about making sense of the birth of your baby and your recovery. If you have any questions or you feel upset about the birth of your baby, it can be useful to talk it through.

You can book sessions with me for different reasons:

  • it might be that your birth didn’t go to plan
  • medical interventions may have left you feeling shocked
  • or the intensity of it may have been overwhelming
  • birth doesn’t have to have been traumatic – simply talking it through and making sense of what you experienced can be helpful
  • I also work with mums who want to talk about how birth has left them feeling about themselves and their body

Birth Debrief: when it is right for you…

  • during the first weeks or months when it is fresh in your mind
  • if you are thinking about having another baby but the birth is still weighing on your mind
  • if you are pregnant again and in need of a birth debrief before you can prepare for birth again
  • some time has passed but you still have questions and you still think about it

These are confidential sessions to talk about the birth of your baby and how you feel about it. You can ask questions and we can talk through the details so you can make more sense of what happened.

“It really helped to go through everything, to make some sense of it and to be honest about how I am feeling.”

“I really needed the time to focus on the birth of my first baby to help me get my head ready for the birth of my second baby. I felt less anxious after our session and I was able to put everything into perspective.”

Arranging your birth debrief

You can book one 90-minute session or a series of three sessions. Simply message me below to arrange your appointments and to ask any questions.

You can attend a birth debrief on your own or with your partner.

My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I can work with parents and families everywhere.

£60 / £150

A few words about why a birth debrief matters…

I have spoken to women – and sometimes their partners – about the birth of their baby for many years. Birth is an enormous event, it can be challenging, it can be emotional and it can be very different from expectations. And it can be crucial to make sense of it, even if it was straight-forward.

Birth is personal and it can impact how women feel about themselves, about their body and their ability to parent – making time to focus on it can make a huge difference.

Some parents also want the opportunity to talk through the struggles and challenges they experienced with their newborn baby. This time can also be very emotional and it is helpful to talk it through and to make sense of it.

Please feel free to message me here with any queries.

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