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A unique range courses and support for expectant and new parents across Tyneside

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Babyloss stories

I asked parents for their babyloss stories – these are raw, real and graphic but this is the reality for many parents so I wanted to share these stories, in parents’ own words… “I was only 18 when I had my angel, I am 37 now. I was unaware of monitoring movements as it wasn’t something the midwives talked about. At 32 weeks I felt ill one day, didn’t think anything of it until that night when I started to get pains, then vomiting so I went to the hospital. I was scanned and told there was no heartbeat. I was taken to a room on my own and sedated. The next day my labour was started and by that night my beautiful, perfect little girl was born sleeping. My mum and my partner were with me. The two midwives I had were amazing, they explained everything they were doing and were so attentive. The hospital were great – my baby was with me in my room and my partner’s parents were able to join …

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Welcome To The Pregnancy, Birth & New Baby Guide

This guide is packed full of information, ideas and tips for you during pregnancy, for birth and as you adjust to life with your new baby. As an experienced antenatal and postnatal practitioner, I wanted to write a useful guide, something full of knowledge, suggestions, reassurance and thought-provoking information. Written by Janine Smith – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting. I have kept these different guides short and bite-sized so you have the option of sitting down to read through at your leisure, along with having a quick read when you are on the go.

Online Courses & Workshops

A range of antenatal and postnatal workshops have been designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. Birth Workshops These cover a range of issues and they are for all expectant parents. Labour & Birth Essentials Relax & Breathe Managing Contractions Pain Management Labour & Birth Challenges Beyond Birth Waterbirth Being Induced Having A Caesarean Using An Epidural Each workshop comes with resources to read and use at home, as well as in labour. The workshops run on Monday & Thursday evenings over Zoom – with small groups so you can feel comfortable to ask questions. Postnatal Workshops These cover a range issues taking you the first year with your baby – from the early days and weeks right up until your return to work. The 4th Trimester Being A Mum Baby Development & Needs Baby Sleep Weaning Going Back To Work Each workshop comes with resources to read and use at home. These workshops run on Tuesdays & Saturdays over Zoom – with small groups …

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Online Resources

Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Guide – an informative and practical guide, packed full of information, tips and strategies 5 Free Guides for expectant parents Notes For Parents – short emails to give you a boost, an idea or to encourage you to look after you. There are notes for pregnancy, birth & baby and general notes for all parents. Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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Stillbirth and Covid

“At St George‚Äôs, a teaching hospital in south London, stillbirths rose from 2.38 per 1,000 births pre-pandemic, to 9.31 per 1,000 births between Feb 1 and June 14.”The Times, September 30th This is a truly heartbreaking statistic. According to SANDS: Every day in the UK 14 babies die before, during or shortly after birth – and I remember reading about concerns that the stillbirth rate would increase during lockdown. There will be more to learn about why stillbirths increased during this time but, during lockdown, maternity units were more restricted and guidance changed weekly. There was concern among pregnant women about catching Covid, about going into hospital on their own and about having less routine contact with their midwife. In different parenting forums and on social media, expectant mums were discussing whether to miss appointments and scans because they were scared. This pandemic has caused a great deal of additional stress and anxiety and expectant women and their families. And, for some women, they were unable to get to appointments or to the hospital in …