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10 essentials for Induction Preparation

Induction Preparation can make a huge difference because it means you can be more aware of what the reality of induction could mean for you, what your options may be and how you can work with your contractions. Read through these induction preparation steps and make a note of questions so you can think about what would be useful for. It can be helpful to know more about the induction process so you know more about what to expect and what your options are. Ask questions so you have more of an understanding of what it involve. Induction can change your options so it can help to know more about this in advance so you don’t have any unexpected surprises on the day. So you are informed, comfortable and calm. Listen to your instincts and go with what you need. Induction doesn’t mean being on a bed – you can still use positions and have gravity to be as comfortable as possible and to do what feels right with your contractions. Knowing how to use …