Induction Preparation

Induction Preparation can be essential, even if you have attended antenatal classes because it helps to focus what you know on medical induction.

Induction can be straight-forward and it can also take some time. It is medical from the outset – very different from a spontaneous labour where you will spend some time at home – so it can be useful to know more of what to expect, to know more about your options and how to boost an induced labour.

Induction preparation can make a huge difference so you know more about:

  • the hospital induction facilities
  • what can boost an induction
  • what you can do to feel more comfortable
  • putting yourself at the centre of your care, saying what you need to do
  • using positions and movement for comfort and help your baby to move into a better position for labour and birth
  • using your breathing so you can be calm and focused, as well as more relaxed – which is crucial for induction

Induction feature as part of my antenatal course and 1:1 consultations can also focus on induction preparation.

There is also an article about Induction Preparation to find out more about the essentials.

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