How Babies Work Guide

During their first 12 months babies develop from a newborn to a curious, active baby who is keen learn and explore.

As they grow, babies are ever changing, which means you are constantly adapting.

As a postnatal practitioner, it is important for me to provide you with good information, support and reassurance to help during the first year with your baby.

How Babies Work Guide – information and reassurance for new parents

Babies are unpredictable and ever-changing. They can be both fun and challenging while also leaving you wondering if you are getting it right.

This guide has been designed to give you a foundation of knowledge about baby behaviour, growth and needs so you know more of what to expect.

With the How Babies Work Guide: you will learn about:

  • what babies need
  • your baby’s brain and stress
  • responding to your baby
  • simple baby cues
  • baby development
  • growth spurts
  • interaction & play
  • babies and sleep
  • separation anxiety
  • clingy babies
  • challenges for your baby
  • challenges for you
  • your expectations
  • the impact on you
  • what can help you

With this guide – and a private session – you will benefit from:

  • asking questions and talking through life with your baby
  • a calm, knowledgeable approach
  • working with an experienced practitioner
  • resources to use at home
  • having the confidence to find what works for you and your baby
  • access to ongoing support
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There are 2 options available for you:

  1. The How Babies Work guide and a consultation with me
  2. Read and use the guide in your own time

    Includes: access to the online guide with downloadable resources

Please feel free to message me here with any queries.

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