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Your Pregnancy, Birth & New Baby Guide

This guide is packed full of information, ideas and tips for you during pregnancy, for birth and as you adjust to life with your new baby. Your 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters Pregnancy Again Your Body Antenatal Checks Food, Exercise & Mental Health Your Birth Plan Your Birth Bag Relax & Breathe Positions For Labour & Birth Going Over Your Due Date Are You Ready For Labour & Birth? Preparing For Your New Baby Overview Of Labour & Birth Positions For Labour & Birth Relax & Breathe Birth Support Labour & Birth Checklist Essentials For Induction Essentials For Caesareans Birth Debrief Preparing For Your New Baby Meeting Your Baby Early Days Newborn Sleep Finding Your Feet As A Parent Your Body After Birth Reasons To Babywear Breastfeeding – The First 6 Weeks Breastfeeding Challenges Why Women Stop Breastfeeding Expressing Basics Sterilising Basics Bottle Feeding Combination Feeding Health Professionals Pregnancy & Birth Words Links To Useful Organisations Written by Janine SmithAs an experienced antenatal and postnatal practitioner, I wanted to write a useful guide, something full …

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1. Your Pregnancy & Birth

Focusing on your pregnancy and your birth preparation Giving you a foundation of robust knowledge, strategies and skills that you can rely on. Pregnancy ConsultationPregnancy sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions, gather information and talk through decisions as well as any worries. While pregnancy can be an exciting time, some women also feel isolated, unsupported and in need of a listening ear. Antenatal CourseA thorough course based on experience, up-to-date information and proven practical skills to better prepare you for the reality of labour, birth and your new baby.This course is not about birth or babies being easy, it is about having good knowledge, being at the centre of your care, managing any challenges and knowing what you can do. Relax & BreatheBrilliantly simple and effective breathing and relaxation skills to use during pregnancy and birth and with your baby. Birth Preparation ConsultationsPersonal sessions for general preparation, as well as to focus on specific issues:Relax & Breathe | Refresher | Birth Again | Induction | Caesarean | Homebirth Beyond Birth ConsultationPersonal sessions to focus on …

Links to useful organisations

Here are links to a range of organisations and social media accounts for pregnancy, birth and early parenting… For pregnancy & birth… Janine Smith Practice A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting Mother Cuppa MagazineA digital magazine to inform, reassure and empower during pregnancy, for birth and with a young family Mama AcademyHelping babies arrive safely Kicks CountThe baby movement resource and awareness campaign TommysFunding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be Twins TrustSupporting twins, triplets and more BirthrightsAn authority on human rights in pregnancy and childbirth in the UK Make Birth BetterCampaigning to make birth better Birth Trauma AssociationSupporting women who experience birth trauma Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG) Guidelines to aid good clinical practice For new parents… Janine Smith Practice A specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting Mother Cuppa MagazineA digital magazine to inform, reassure and empower during pregnancy, for birth and with a young family BlissFor babies who are born premature or sick Lullaby TrustSafer sleep for babies BasisBaby sleep information source Pandas FoundationSupport for …

Pregnancy & Birth Conversations: January

I work with so many parents I am going to start to share just a little bit of the conversations we have and the questions I am asked. I started a new antenatal course last night with a brilliant group where conversation flowed and the questions kept coming. This is why I run small groups and 1:1 sessions, so parents can be honest, they can share and they have a platform to be heard and to focus on their need for knowledge, strategies and reassurance. It’s a privilege to do my job, I work hard at it, it’s my passion and I love working with parents in this way.