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Protected: Guide: Labour and Birth Essentials

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essentials for labour and birth

Labour and Birth Essentials

Labour and birth can be about knowing what you can do to manage contractions and energy, to stay calm and to gather information. These pages focus on providing you with essential knowledge, tips and suggestions for labour and birth…

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A constant pain in my head for the last day has made me reflect on pain – it’s really not pleasant and I wish it would stop now. I don’t know what it causing it and it will start to wear me down but, for now, I am being positive that it is a migraine or a sinus issue rather than a brain tumour or a stroke. As an antenatal teacher, I talk about pain a lot – I get asked questions about pain and contractions. And knowledge and acceptance is crucial for labour pains – we need strong, powerful contractions. Labour is about endurance, the muscles of your uterus are working hard. Understanding why contractions hurt, how you can work with them and what might make them more painful really helps but everyone’s experience of labour is so individual and pain is so subjective – it can be can be so fast, it takes your breath away or it can plod on for hours and hours, never seeming like the end will come. And …

Labour and Birth Essentials

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Do you feel confident about working with your contractions?

Things to consider when preparing for labour & birth… 1. Do you feel confident about working with your contractions? How is your mindset? Don’t fear your big, powerful contractions which could be all-consuming, demanding and seemingly never-ending. These contractions are turning your baby, they were opening your body, they are pushing your baby down – work with them and try to listen to them. #birthpreparation #contractions #birthmindset #tynesidebirth #birthexpertise #birthknowledge #birthconfidence