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Jamie’s Story

I have written a lot about Jamie, my son who died when he was three days old. I have written about my pregnancy and his short life, as well as life after babyloss. Jamie’s story At my 20 week we discovered that something wasn’t quite right with his stomach – a referral to the fetal medicine unit at the RVI confirmed the suspected stomach problem, along with a heart defect. The rest of my pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions, hopes and crushing reality – some days I felt on top of it, others crippled me. I stopped work and focused on my two young daughters and on spending time with my bump – I have so many positive memories of relaxing with my unborn baby, of talking to him and of telling him stories. I wrote a blog during this time, mainly for my sanity, to document what was happening, to remember it, to let it all out. I allowed my feelings to pour onto each blank page which meant I could function, I …

life after babyloss

Life After Babyloss

Life after babyloss – in 2007  life changed forever. My baby boy, who was three days old , needed heart surgery to save his life. He had already had surgery when he was 6 hours old and he had been heavily medicated since then. The surgery was meant to be straight-forward but it was heart surgery on a tiny 3 day old baby, how straight-forward could it be? We went into intensive care early in the morning to see our tiny new boy and to speak to his surgical team. Due to the wires and equipment, I wasn’t able to cuddle him but I said my goodbyes. He opened his eyes and he smiled at me, despite his nurse saying he shouldn’t be able to be that responsive because of his meds. This was the last time I saw him alive and it’s a brief moment that will stay with me forever. Life after babyloss – living a happy life Life after losing a baby has been a challenge in so many ways, it’s hard …