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Mental Health In Pregnancy

Mental health in pregnancy can be a big issue for a lot of women. Pregnancy is a huge time of change and while it can be full of happiness, excitement and hope, it can also be a time of anxiety, stress, worries and low mood. Some of these issues can be very manageable but some women can struggle and they may need some additional support. Mental health in pregnancy can be affected by a number of issues which include: pre-existing mental health issues, lack of support, fear, stressful situations, pregnancy after loss, worries about pregnancy complications, health problems and having no-one to talk with about some of these issues. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues during pregnancy, affecting 10-15 in every 100 pregnant women. There are some things you can do which might ease anxiety/depression, or help you manage it better… *Try to eat regularly and as healthily as possible*Rest and sleep*Talk to people – partner, friends, practitioner or therapist*Exercise: it doesn’t have to …

Straightforward Birth – read well and work with an experienced birth practitioner

There’s so much information about birth out there, so where do you start? On Social Media…It’s worth following a few good practitioners on social media so you can gather the right information for you. Birth, Baby & FamilyInstagram: @birthbabyandfamilyFacebook: @birthbabyandfamily Evidence Based Birth Practising Midwife Journal Bump, Birth & Beyond Dr Sara Wickham Books…These are some of my favourites because of their brilliant content and the tone is just right! Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan by Rebecca Schiller The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill The Positive Breastfeeding Book by Amy Brown Give Birth Like A Feminist by Milli Hill Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin Guides…Based on evidence and experience, these guides accompany my antenatal courses.The Practical Guide to Labour & Birth by Janine Smith Not all antenatal classes are the same – work with a good birth practitioner… Good antenatal classes are worth the investment but do your research first, take a look at their website, their social media and get in touch to ask them questions. You might need …

For postnatal & early parenting

Providing postnatal support and sessions for those early days, weeks and months with your baby is one of my specialities and passions. I am well trained and I have  worked with parents for a number of years so my practice is based on up-to-date research, first-hand experience and the different needs of parents – I aim to provide you with good information, coping strategies and reassurance so you can feel supported as you find what works for you and for your baby. My role is not to tell you what to do or how to parent, it is mainly to listen, to provide ideas and perspective and to make you tea. All of my postnatal sessions are about small groups and 1:1 appointments with tea, cake, chat, offloading and questions to ease isolation and have a chance to be listened to. Baby Massage Mondays & Fridays | 1-2.30pm | £35 Mother Cuppa Wednesdays | 1-3pm | £5 Weaning Workshop Thursdays | 1-3pm | £20 1:1 Appointments new baby | baby sleep service | being a …

Baby Massage Feedback

Baby Massage is one of my favourite postnatal classes – the sessions are informal, with conversation, a chance to ask questions and both mums and babies can relax.

Birth Debrief Feedback

My birth debrief sessions are about talking through the birth of your baby, to make sense of what happened and to help you think about birth again, if this is appropriate.