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I would like to give you a warm welcome to The Birth, Baby & Family Practice – if you are a parent, please feel free to wander around the site or get in touch for more information about my classes and 1:1 sessions.

This website is a place for parents – for information, support & reassurance; for different parenting experiences and perspectives; and for coping strategies and ideas. On these pages, and in my sessions, you will find friendly, simple, effective and honest reassurance and information.

The Birth, Baby & Family Practice is me, Janine, I am an antenatal teacher, postnatal group leader, baby massage instructor, doula & parent coach – this unique range of training means I provide classes and support for parents from pregnancy and throughout life with babies, children and teenagers.

I am a mum of three, I have worked with expectant and new parents since 2002 and I have run my small business for several years. I have experienced babyloss, as well as birth trauma and I am very open about depression and anxiety and the coping strategies that have helped me. I haven’t always – and still don’t always – find parenting easy and this is why being able to provide non-judgemental parent support is so important to me. Parenting is a constant learning curve, it can be pretty isolating, we can feel guilt and give ourselves a hard time for finding it hard and for not having all the answers.

I’m really open about my own parenting challenges and I don’t believe in quick fixes – I believe in looking after you; of getting support when you need it; of laughter; of being taken seriously; of being honest; of having realistic expectations and of making small tweaks and changes when needed.

The Birth Baby & Family Practice.pngMy knowledge, training and experience means that my practice is about listening to parents, not telling anyone what to do. It is a safe, comfortable, helpful place for you to gather all the information, support and reassurance you need.

I currently work from home – for me, this means I can provide a cosy, friendly and safe space for small groups and 1:1 sessions.

I am a warm and down-to-earth mum, wife, friend and practitioner; I am a professional listener – people often feel very comfortable opening up to me about their experiences, fears, challenges and struggles – and I also know a thing or two about pregnancy, birth, babies and supporting parents.

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You can also send me a message if you have any queries about my practice and how it can help you.

Janine x
a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent support

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