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birth preparation essentials

Birth Preparation Essentials

At some point in your pregnancy, you will start to focus on birth. These pages provide a range of essential knowledge and practical skills to help you plan and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy can be a time of gathering new knowledge to learn and gain reassurance. These pages focus on a range of information and tips for your pregnancy, as well as some useful links. The EssentialsPregnancy | Birth Preparation | Labour & Birth | New Baby | Feeding | 4th Trimester | First Year | Parent Wellbeing

Formula-feeding Basics

You might be using formula for all of your baby’s feeds or just one or two throughout the day – this is a quick guide to making up a bottle so you can find what works for you. Making-up bottles *Fill your kettle with fresh cold water, boil and then leave to cool for 30 minutes (so it lowers to 70c)*With clean hands, fill the bottle with the correct amount of water. *With the scoop, measure the powder, level it off with the leveller or a clean knife and add to the bottle. (Follow the instructions for the formula you are using and only use the scoop that comes with that formula.)*Add the teat and lit and shake so the powder dissolves.*Cool the formula down by running the bottle under a cold water tap or a standing the bottle in a jug of cold water. You can test the temperature of the milk on your wrist before offering it to your baby. How much milk Your baby’s stomach will hold small amounts of milk and …

Links to useful organisations

Here are links to a range of websites and social media accounts for pregnancy, birth and early parenting… Pregnant Then ScrewedSupport for women who have faced maternity or pregnancy discrimination, including free legal advice For pregnancy & birth… Mama AcademyHelping babies arrive safely Kicks CountThe baby movement resource and awareness campaign TommysFunding research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage, and providing information for parents-to-be Twins TrustSupporting twins, triplets and more For new parents… BlissFor babies who are born premature or sick Lullaby TrustSafer sleep for babies BasisBaby sleep information source Pandas FoundationSupport for families coping with pregnancy and postnatal mental illnesses MINDFor better mental health KellymomEvidence-based information on breastfeeding La Leche LeagueBreastfeeding support The Nappy LadyWashable nappy help North East Sling LibrarySling hire and advice for parents across the North East For babyloss… SANDSAdvice and support for stillbirth and neonatal death Useful social media… Birth, Baby & Family – for pregnancy, birth & early parentingInstagram: @birthbabyandfamilyFacebook: @birthbabyandfamily Lucy Webber Lactation ConsultantFacebook: @lucywebberbreastfeeding Legendairy MilkInstagram: @legendairymilk The Nappy LadyFacebook: @thenappylady North East Sling LibraryFacebook: @northeastslings Pregnant …

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Your body during pregnancy & birth

There’s a lot going on in your body during pregnancy, as well as during labour and birth… Your body during pregnancy – hormones As soon as the placenta starts to form and the cells, which are fast becoming your baby, have implanted into the side of the uterus, your baby will produce human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) – these levels will double every couple of days, reaching its peak by about 10 weeks when the levels start to level out as the placenta starts to function. OestrogenThis hormone is needed to:*stimulate the placenta to ensure that it grows and works well*develop your baby’s lungs, liver and kidney *work with progesterone to grow your breast tissue for milk production*work with relaxin to loosen your ligaments and joints so your body can expand for your growing baby and to provide the space for your baby to be born The rapidly growing levels of oestrogen in early pregnancy may cause sickness and nausea. ProgesteroneThis is a very powerful hormone – levels are very high during pregnancy. In early pregnancy …