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Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy can be a time of gathering new knowledge to learn and gain reassurance. These pages focus on a range of information and tips for your pregnancy, as well as some useful links. The EssentialsPregnancy | Birth Preparation | Labour & Birth | New Baby | Feeding | 4th Trimester | First Year | Parent Wellbeing

Pregnancy Essentials

The Pregnancy, Birth & New Baby Guide is packed full of information, ideas and tips for expectant and new parents. These pages focus on providing you with a range of knowledge and tips for your pregnancy…

Birth Debrief

This is an informal, professional session to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby If you have been left with questions or you have been left feeling shaken or upset after the birth of your baby, it can be helpful to talk it through with an experienced birth professional. There is no set time to have a birth debrief session, I see parents at different points after the birth of a baby… you might want to talk it through during the first weeks or months when it is fresh in your mind you could be thinking about having another baby but the birth is still weighing on your mind or you might be pregnant again and in need of a debrief before you can prepare properly for birth again. These are comfortable, private and confidential sessions to provide you with the opportunity and the time to talk about the birth of your baby, to ask questions and to be listened to. Birth Debrief Feedback “I can’t thank you enough. Having the time to …

Pregnancy Timeline

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Mental Health In Pregnancy

Mental health in pregnancy can be a big issue for a lot of women. Pregnancy is a huge time of change and while it can be full of happiness, excitement and hope, it can also be a time of anxiety, stress, worries and low mood. Some of these issues can be very manageable but some women can struggle and they may need some additional support. Mental health in pregnancy can be affected by a number of issues which include: pre-existing mental health issues, lack of support, fear, stressful situations, pregnancy after loss, worries about pregnancy complications, health problems and having no-one to talk with about some of these issues. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues during pregnancy, affecting 10-15 in every 100 pregnant women. There are some things you can do which might ease anxiety/depression, or help you manage it better… *Try to eat regularly and as healthily as possible*Rest and sleep*Talk to people – partner, friends, practitioner or therapist*Exercise: it doesn’t have to …