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Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy can be a time of gathering new knowledge to learn and gain reassurance. These pages focus on a range of information and tips for your pregnancy, as well as some useful links. The EssentialsPregnancy | Birth Preparation | Labour & Birth | New Baby | Feeding | 4th Trimester | First Year | Parent Wellbeing

Pregnancy Essentials

A range of information, ideas and tips to boost your knowledge and wellbeing throughout pregnancy from your first trimester until you give birth. Mother Cuppa MagazinePregnancy| Birth Preparation | Labour & BirthNew Baby| FeedingChecklists | Tips | BabylossUseful Links Copyright: Janine Smith Janine Smith PracticePrivate Consultations | Digital CoursesMother Cuppa Sessions | Baby MassageOnline Community | Mother Cuppa Magazine

Pregnancy – babyproofing your relationship

Having a baby and going from a couple to a family has a huge impact on your relationship so it can be worth thinking about babyproofing your relationship. The balance can shift, there are more demands on your time and you may have different ideas on parenting.  And on top of this you can be shattered and lacking in confidence as you adjust to life with your new responsibilities – more bickering and competitive tiredness can become the norm. It can be worth thinking about how you may need to adapt to being parents and where and why any new pressures on your relationship can come from so I have asked Newcastle relationship counsellor Armele Philpotts to provide some ideas…   Babyproofing your relationship…before birth By Armele Philpotts, Relationship Counsellor and Coach, with thanks to Elizabeth Martyn ‘The greatest thing you can do for your children, is love your partner’ . Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families Imagine someone moved in with you, and your partner fell deeply in love …

Pregnancy – midwife appointments

Questions to ask your midwife When you are pregnant, you may need support and reassurance as your baby grows and your body changes. If it is your first baby, you may want to know that what you are experiencing is normal. Your community midwife is your first contact as you begin your pregnancy journey.  Your booking-in appointment will probably be the longest one, where you will be given the information about your antenatal checks. Your midwife will offer antenatal checks, which will include: Checking your blood pressure Checking your weight Checking your urine for protein, which can be an indicator of pre-eclampsia in later pregnancy Blood tests for your blood group and rhesus status as well as checking for anaemia, rubella, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV Listening to your baby’s heartbeat – from about 16 weeks Measuring your bump – from about 24 weeks Arranging your scans and screening tests   During your antenatal checks your midwife can also provide you with information about: How often you will see her, what are the routine tests, when will …