Janine Smith

Discussion: What did you do for you today?

what did you do for you today?

I love this question because, as a busy mum, it always makes me stop in my tracks and think about just what have I done for me? It doesn’t have to be big – the small things matter just as much – but this question can focus your mind on your day and what part of it was for you.

Doing something for you can be about doing something that makes you feel happy, proud, accomplished, calm or it can provide a sense of relief, a chance to just stop for a while. It can make you feel like you have some time out, some time to switch off, some time to stop juggling and thinking about what else needs doing.

I really do think this is important for all of us when I am busy and struggle to do anything for me, I start to crave an opportunity to just be and to stop doing.

Doing something for you could be reading, writing, fitness, walking, having a bath, cooking, seeing friends, going for a massage, creating, having a cuppa, doing some relaxed breathing  Рwhatever you enjoy. It could be brief or you could give yourself a good chunk of time.

What I have learned is that, as mum, you have to make time for this, you have to plan it in, you may even have to explain it to your family why this is important, otherwise it won’t happen.

And doing something for you is important because you will feel better, maybe even refreshed, and everyone needs some headspace. And it doesn’t mean you’re unhappy or stressed or not coping, it just means you have more energy for the mum/work/house/family juggling. And you deserve it.

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