Looking After You

Being a parent can be exhausting and demanding so it is important to look after you. This often be talked about as something we must do, but never get around to, leaving us frazzled, frustrated and running on empty.

The concept of looking after you will be different for everyone but it is about doing whatever you need and whatever is realistic to feel like you have had a break and to feel like you have done something for you. This could be going away for a night or having a day out but it could also be having an hour on your own, taking a bath in peace, reading a book, sleeping, just doing nothing for a little while. It doesn’t have to be anything big but it does need planning in so it is seen as a priority rather than an afterthought.

Some of the mums I talk to struggle to see doing something for them as being important because life is all about their baby and it’s difficult to put themselves first.

Why is looking after you important?

Let’s face it we should all be looking after ourselves but we can neglect to do it, especially mums. But here’s why having a break when you want it should be a priority…

  • parenting isn’t going to get easier – the responsibility of being a parent is always there and the juggling may increase with work so take a break when you need it and when you can.
  • having a break and doing something for you can re-energise you.
  • it gives you a sense of worth, otherwise all you are doing is meeting the needs of other people.
  • you will burn out and then you can’t look after anyone.
  • it’s important and it’s a good habit to develop.

Arrange it…

Work out what you need and when it can be done. Doing something for you means not being on call for your family – so you need to be out of the house or your children do.

If you want to potter in the house to snooze, bathe or read, it can be beneficial for someone to take your baby out so you can relax and switch off.

If you want a walk or exercise or meet friends, get out on your own if that is what you need.

Some of the mums I see struggle with alone time because the weekends are labelled as family time. If you need some time and space to do something for you, have that conversation and make it happen.

Plan. It. In

Just get in touch if you want to have a chat about getting some headspace and being able to find time to look after you.