Pregnancy Checklist: what do you need?

what do you need in pregnancy

What you need during your pregnancy will no doubt vary but it is a question to keep referring to so you can look after your needs.

There can be pressure during pregnancy to keep going as normal because pregnancy is not an illness, even though you could feel ill. Pregnancy is a time to listen to your body and to look after your need for rest, food and comfort because you are making another human.

Asking what do I need can be about connecting with those basic needs and, sometimes, asking for more help and support.

  • Do you need a break? How & when can that happen?
  • Do you need rest? How & when can that happen?
  • Is there anything you can do ease/manage nausea?
  • Do you need to work through any anxieties or worries? Who can you speak to for help with this?
  • Do you need to eat?
  • Do you need to drink more?
  • If you feel isolated, do you need support and reassurance? Who can you speak to for help with this?
  • Do you need to know more about labour & birth? Do you have questions? Who can you speak to about this?

Always seek medical support if you are concerned about yourself or your baby. Even if it is just a feeling that something isn’t right.

Book a session with me if you have questions, need some additional support or preparation for birth & baby.

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