Being comfortable is crucial as a new mum

new mum comfort

Feeling comfortable isn’t always easy after you have given birth – you may be sore, you may have stitches, you may be pretty tired.

In those early days it can be helpful to rest and sit or lie down, just pottering about and giving yourself chance to heal. Find where is comfortable whether this is in bed or on the sofa where you can use pillows to lean against and to rest your arms on.

Going to loo often may help as well, so when you do settle down to rest, snooze or feed you can comfortably stay there for a while. Have water and snacks within reach, as well as your phone and TV remote.

Book a session with me if you have questions and need some additional information and reassurance.

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Always seek medical support if you are concerned about yourself or your baby. Even if it is just a feeling that something isn’t right.