I have heard that some pregnancy cravings are weird. Is this true?

pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings can be fabulously weird and wonderful and they can be pretty powerful with an over whelming urge to eat whatever it is you desire.

It can vary from the healthier foods (fruit) to the not-so-healthy (sweets and fizzy drinks) with a range of odd combinations and non-foods (ice and clay)

And you might not crave food at all – it could be all about smells.

Here’s a selection of pregnancy cravings in your words…

Double Deckers & bread. Nothing with too much flavour thank you very much!

Sherbet Dib Dabs – couldn’t get enough of them

Baby oranges and Mars Bar ice creams

Ice lollies, cakes and sweets



Sponge chewing


Really cold water and apples

Mint Magnums

Broccoli and potato waffles

Satsumas and cherry tomatoes

Beetroot and ice cubes

Blood oranges, sour strawberry laces and, erm, the small of rubber tyres in Halfords

Capers, olives and anchovies

Marmite as a dip for carrot sticks, pickled onions and cheese

Chocolate milk and marmite toast

Kiwi fruits and Big Macs

Coco Pops – can’t stand them now!

Cheese! Sandwiches, pizza, crisps anything with cheese

Macaroni cheese

Peanut butter

Sausage sandwiches

Ice lollies and raspberries

Sushi and spicy Indian pickle – I had never eaten either before!


Spreadable cheese – probably had a tub a day! Can’t stand it now.

Fizzy cola bottles

Fish and chips

Cheese sandwiches dipped in mint sauce

The smell of new, fresh carpet

Hot chocolate, chocolate, just chocolate

Skittles, Nutella & peanut butter sandwiches and tea

Sunday dinners

I used to chew on wet flannels

I loved the smell of petrol!

Wotsits and Vimto

Hot dogs

A friend ate a book I lent her, I’m not even joking! She said she liked the print.

Mashed potato

Chocolate cheesecake

Sprite pop, gallons of it

Orange Fanta – I even poured it onto my cereal

So much apple juice

Salt & vinegar chipsticks

Cold McDonalds fries

Lime pickle

Whole red peppers that had to be eaten like an apple

Apples, pineapple and panna cotta

Cherry drops

Lemons, lemon cheesecake, lemon tart, lemon curd, anything lemon

Fish & seafood – kippers, herring, sardines, crab, lobster. Sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night to eat fish

Pickled onions and McFlurries

Flaming hot Monster Munch dipped in a Creme egg

Mushy peas with EVERYTHING

pregnancy cravings

If your pregnancy cravings include strange things such as paper, sponges, chalk, clay or soil you need to keep this safe. And you also need to make sure you are eating the healthy food as well. See your GP or midwife about any unusual cravings as you may need to blood test to see if you are experiencing a nutritional deficiency.

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