Do I need a birthplan?

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No! But a birthplan can be a powerful tool, it just needs to be realistic.

Don’t actually expect to use a birthplan to plan or control because…

  • it’s a way to communicate what matters to you
  • it’s being included and informed
  • it’s saying what your preferences are
  • it’s saying what support you might need

writing a birthplan

How to use a birthplan

Writing a birthplan can help you to discuss, prepare and think about the birth of your baby, so you have the practical knowledge you need to be better informed for all births, not just your ideal birth.

Include your partner so they are included and know more about how they can help and what you might need.

You could also think of a birthplan as birth preferences, birth strategies or birth wishes. Or even as a letter to your midwife to say what could be useful for you, what matters to you and what you might need support with.

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