Postnatal Conversations In April

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Postnatal Conversations: “Your sessions are like therapy – we get to offload and talk openly.”

All of my sessions – groups and consultations – are focused on you as a parent – in pregnancy, with a baby, with a young family, so you can be open.

We’ve had so many postnatal conversations this month, so much of it about the different aspects of change and the challenges that come with being a parent, specifically being a mum.

It’s important to stress that no-one is particularly unhappy, there can be plenty of chat and laughter during sessions, as well as pride and contentness. But there is also exhaustion, loneliness, moods, lack of confidence, adjusting and resentment.

We have talked about friendship changes and challenges within relationships. For some people friends can shift when a baby comes along because your social life takes a hit and you don’t have the energy for going out or listening to other people’s problems.

And relationships can change in couples – you are going from a couple to a family or you have an addition to your family and there is more to do. It takes good communication, love and understanding to get through the frustrations and resentment that can come from being parents and not having time together.

Postnatal Conversations

An unexpected part of parenting is how long the days can be with a baby, especially without adult company – which is why baby groups and meeting up with friends is important for company and to break up your days.

And as a mum with a baby you may be doing most of this on your own – you might be a single parent, your partner might work away or they might work long hours – which can be isolating and lonely. The reality is that the learning curve of being a mum on maternity leave is steep and it can be overwhelming, especially if there are feeding/growth issues as well.

“I didn’t expect it to be as tough as this or for it to be on me as much as it has been. I have a very supportive partner but feeding, settling and sleep are all largely down to me and I am exhausted.

To enhance your pregnancy, birth and life with a baby, you can complete a course/workshop and book consultations with me. My job is to build you up, to give you the space to talk, discuss and ask questions and to have more knowledge and confidence.

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