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Postnatal Conversations: “I always feel better after the Mother Cuppa sessions – less alone, supported and able to deal with the different challenges.”

The Mother Cuppa Bump & Baby group runs each week – it is a place for conversation, questions, reassurance and support about all things bump, birth and baby. As an informal space, parents can offload and speak openly without judgement or criticism – there isn’t a right way to birth or parent and it is a unique experience for everyone.

I also see parents one-to-one for more in-depth and specific conversations and support. No two months are ever the same and May was busy with birth preparation sessions, as well as older baby/going back to work sessions.

postnatal conversations

The birth prep sessions have ranged from knowledge and focus as a first-time parent to preparing for birth again, with birth debriefs, induction preparation and new baby prep in-between. In addition to practical information and strategies we have talked through fears and concerns, their individual needs and could help them.

Postnatal sessions have focused on having an older baby and the challenges that can come with that – sleep and naps, clinginess and separation anxiety, feeding and taking a bottle, feeling ready for returning to work, coping with well-meaning advice and adapting to nursery. This is another time of change and it can be useful to talk it through to develop your own strategies for managing this next stage and thinking about what you and your family need.

“I feel ready to go back to work but I also feel like there’s so much going on for my baby – it feels great to have a bit more of a plan to manage feeding, food and sleep as part of her transition to start nursery. I also feel better for talking through my fears and guilt about nursery!”

To enhance your pregnancy, birth and life with a baby, you can complete a course/workshop and book consultations with me. My job is to build you up, to give you the space to talk, discuss and ask questions and to have more knowledge and confidence.

You can message me below with any questions or queries.

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