What do babies need?

person holding baby s hand

Having a new baby can be a steep learning curve and a time to make sense of expectations, responsibilities, patience and getting to know your baby.

What your baby needs will adapt with time but a baby’s needs are fairly simple, even though it’s not always obvious exactly what they need, which is why knowing your baby makes a difference.

  • comfort – so they are not hungry, thirsty, in pain, wet or dirty
  • safety – as they grow, develop, learn and adjust to the world around them
  • response – so they can communicate, connect, interact, learn and have their needs met
  • you – so they don’t feel stressed or alone, so they can be soothed, so they can sleep

Some babies are ‘easy’ to read and respond to, while others are more sensitive or have more needs – every baby is different and every day is different for your baby.

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