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1:1 Package

This package also includes:

  • session notes
  • antenatal & postnatal guides and resources to read and use in your own time
  • ongoing email support
    in-between consultations

For consistent and ongoing information, support and reassurance during pregnancy, for birth and throughout the first few months with your baby.


Two consultations during your pregnancy to:

  • talk about how you are doing
  • focus on you
  • discuss your antenatal care
  • ask questions and talk through any challenges

Birth & Baby Preparation

Three consultations with antenatal course and relax & breathe resources to focus on:

  • labour & birth
  • relax & breathe techniques
  • the early days and weeks with your new baby
  • your recovery

Birth Debrief

A conversation to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby.

New Baby

Three consultations to be on hand during the first 4 months for support, reassurance and to help you adjust to life with your new baby.

This exclusive package of ongoing consultations and care is £500, which can be paid in instalments.
Based on your due date, we will agree on a schedule of consultations.

Always on hand when I am stressed or worried about something, Janine is a wonderful listener and offers calm advice.

From pregnancy and birth preparation to conversations throughout my maternity leave, you made such a difference to us.

We don’t know where we would be without you.

“Janine has been an absolute saving grace for me in navigating the challenges of motherhood for the first time. She is always on hand to listen.”

Why this can make a difference

Pregnancy, birth and early parenting are times of change when information, support and reassurance is important.

This option provides you with a foundation of knowledge – based on evidence and experience – with regular consultations, which are tailored to you so you have the time to ask questions and focus on your needs.

With a calm, knowledgeable approach, my role is to provide you with the time to ask questions and to focus on what you need. I am also here to provide an experienced perspective and to help you develop effective coping strategies for you, your birth and your family.

Please feel free to message me here with any queries and to arrange your consultations.

Working with parents since 2002

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My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle
& Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I can work with parents everywhere.