For your pregnancy & birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you are feeling well.

No two pregnancies are ever the same and this can be a time of new information, change and a range of emotions.

With a strong foundation of knowledge you can be well-informed during your pregnancy and as you prepare for birth and the arrival of your new baby.


Good information – based on evidence and experience – means you will know more about your pregnancy, your antenatal care, and your options, with a focus on your wellbeing.

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Pregnancy Consultations

While pregnancy can be an exciting time, it is also normal to feel isolated, unsupported and in need of a listening ear. With pregnancy consultations, you can benefit from ongoing support to ask questions, gather information and talk through decisions as well as any worries.

Antenatal Courses & Guides

With digital courses and workshops, you will have a foundation of knowledge and strategies at your fingertips.

There is:

  • the relax & breathe course, to focus on an essential toolkit of techniques for pregnancy, birth and when your baby is here

With each of these options you will benefit from resources you can read and use in your own time.

You can also include consultations to talk it through, ask questions and focus on your individual birth and baby preparation.

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Birth & Baby Consultations

These individual sessions are tailored to you so you can focus on your personal needs & expectations around labour, birth and your new baby.

Your consultations can focus on a specific issue or they can accompany a digital course/workshop. With in-person and video sessions available, they can fit around your busy schedule.

Newcastle Doula Support

On hand for you during pregnancy, labour and birth and when your baby is here


For ongoing information, support and reassurance during pregnancy, for birth and when your baby is here.

You will receive weekly posts, you can access a range of birth & baby guides, posts and workshops and you can join online sessions.


You can also sign up for the free Notes For Parents newsletter.

“The self doubt I had about the physicalities of giving birth were immense. I can still very clearly remember our sessions – you were so reassuring, you listened to me so I felt heard and you gave me amazing, practical steps I could take during birth, whatever might happen.

I’ll always recommend you!”

“You made a massive difference to me! I can’t believe it’s been a year and I’m still forever grateful.

I couldn’t have approached labour how I did without the work you did with me following the trauma of my firstborn and the breathing techniques went an incredibly long way too!”

About me

Pregnancy, birth and being a parent are very personal, which is why I tailor sessions and courses to each parent.

My philosophy is to focus on you and your personal needs & expectations around pregnancy, birth and having a baby. My aim is to provide you with ongoing support and reassurance, good information and a toolkit of techniques and strategies to use as you need them.

I am here to boost your confidence, to provide an experienced perspective and to help you develop the right strategies for you, your birth and your family.

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With video sessions and digital courses, I work with parents and families from across the UK as well as internationally.
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