Newcastle University Research

Newcastle University Research

Researchers from Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust regularly work with expectant and new parents, as well as families with young children to take part in pregnancy, birth, postnatal, maternal health and child wellbeing research discussion sessions.

The sessions run a few times a year and each one lasts for about 60 minutes. They are informal and friendly sessions, which are currently running over Zoom.

The researchers really benefit from discussion and asking you some questions – your feedback and experience can have a huge impact on research projects.

I will also be there to co-facilitate the session.

There are 6 research sessions coming up:

  • October 21st at 11am
    Optimizing children’s wellbeing through speech and language with a “fitbit for language interaction” wristband
  • October 28th at 1pm
    Giving postnatal heparin by tablet instead of by injection
  • November 18 at 1pm
    Access to postnatal contraception
  • November 25 at 1pm
    New technology for parents whose babies are in SCBU or NICU
  • December 9 at 1pm
    Designing accessible maternal mental health services
  • December 16 at 1pm
    Discussing whether using the adult pain score is suitable to use with children

The research team would like to talk to a small group of parents to gain feedback and comments about their research projects.

These will be informal 1-hour sessions over Zoom, with up to 4 parents. And you can meet the needs of your baby during the session – feed, change and soothe as you need to.

If you would like to join, please just send me a message. You can also join the new Maternity Research Facebook Group, where I will post updates and information about research projects.
And a huge thank you – your input is so valuable to research, it makes such a difference to researchers and each project.

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