Newcastle University Research

Newcastle University Research

Researchers from Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust regularly work with expectant and new parents, as well as families with young children to take part in pregnancy, birth, postnatal, maternal health and child wellbeing research discussion sessions.

Each session runs for about 60 minutes – they are informal and friendly and they are currently running over Zoom. And you can meet the needs of your baby during the session – feed, change and soothe as you need to.

The researchers really benefit from discussion with small groups of mums and being able to ask you some questions – your feedback and experience can have a huge impact on research projects.

I will also be there to co-facilitate the session.

The next research project sessions are taking place over Zoom on:
Friday, July 14th at 10am & Friday, August 11th at 10am

To focus on:
how to help pregnant women perform pelvic floor muscle training to prevent postpartum urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

The researcher would like to speak to a small group of mums about her research, to learn from your experiences and to give you a voice.

If you would like to take part in this study, or you are interested in finding out about future research projects, you can send me a message below.

And a huge thank you – your input is so valuable to research, it makes such a difference to researchers and it shapes each project.

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