Newcastle University Research

Newcastle University Research

Researchers from Newcastle University and The Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust regularly work with pregnant women, mums and families to take part in antenatal & postnatal research discussion sessions.

The sessions run a few times a year and each one lasts for about 60 minutes. They are informal and friendly sessions, which are currently running over Zoom. he researchers just want some discussion and your feedback on the research projects they are doing.

I will also be there to co-facilitate the session.


  • Thursday, July 15th at 2pm This is an informal session which will last for about an hour. Please feel free to meet the needs of your baby – feed, change and soothe as you need to.
  • The researchers would like to talk to mums with a young baby
  • It is a small, informal group with about 4 mums and it runs over Zoom – you will be sent an invitation to join the session.

This research session is part of a study to look at how to accurately measure body size and shape in pregnancy,
rather than relying on BMI.

The lead researcher would like to talk to a small group of mums to gain feedback, thoughts and comments about the plans to recruit pregnant women to have extra measurements at the 12 week scan appointment.

The extra measurements relate to body size and shape and would involve:

  • additional ultrasound scan measurements
  • waist circumference measured using a tape measure
  • skinfold measures using calipers

The hope is that these measurements will become routine for all pregnant women to accurately identify who might need additional care.

If you would like to join, please just send me a message.
And a huge thank you – your input is so valuable to research, it makes such a difference to researchers and each project.

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