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Relax & Breathe At The End Of Your Day

You can use Relax & Breathe to relax in the evening or to unwind before bed. It can be a great way to let go of your day or get ready for bed. You could use it when you get it from work, when your children go to bed, to help you unwind for the evening or before you go to bed. As you practice it, you can make it your own – fitting it into your evening when you can and for as long as you need it. Also available:Relax & Breathe For Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Just let me know if you have any questions.Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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Pregnancy & Birth – how and why to use your breathing…

Breathing can be an effective way to stay calm, to have more energy, to have some more control, to work with your contractions and enable your body to work more effectively BUT what does that mean? We can all breathe, so why do we need to know how to breathe for labour and birth? I have focused on Relax & Breathe for the past 10 years and I have seen how relaxed breathing has made a difference to how women feel in pregnancy, as well as how it can affect how they feel and work with their contractions during labour. My practice is all about keeping it simple – you don’t need to learn a new way to breathe, it is all about slowing down your breathing and learning to switch off and to focus on just breathing. To be able to relax and focus on your breathing, it can also help to know what to expect: to know what your body needs to do in labour and birth and to know what is going on …

Labour & Birth: why does how you breathe matter?

Knowing how to use your breathing can enable you to stay calm, to have more control and to manage any anxiety or panic

Pregnancy aches & pains

Pregnancy is so different for every woman – I have had three pregnancies and I had worked with hundreds of pregnant women and I have seen women blossom and I have seen women struggle. Our bodies grow, adapt and change throughout pregnancy so it is inevitable that there will be tiredness and a few aches. Pregnancy may not be a time of illness for many of us but it is a time of listening to our bodies, of taking it easy when it demands us to rest and when it hurts. Your back and your hips can ache as your body changes shape, your legs can become restless, your may develop carpal tunnel in your wrists and hands, your pubic bone can ache and hurt and you may experience headaches. This can start in your second trimester or you could be close to the end of your pregnancy – you still need to listen to your body. Rest is good and use as many pillows as it takes to be comfortable – under your bump, …