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Relax & Breathe Challenge

The Relax & Breathe Challenge is about bringing some simple and effective techniques into your life. This is not just about boosting your wellbeing, it is about having tools to rely on for stress, anxiety or being overwhelmed. Relax & Breathe is something I have used for years – personally and professionally. I teach it to parents, my teenagers use it, it eases my stress and anxiety and I have even completed relaxation therapy training. It is just breathing but it really helps with calm, focus, being overwhelmed and heading off panic. And, while the main focus of my practice is expectant and new parents, this is for everyone. You can use it everyday, to do something for you. It is gives a great boost in pregnancy, helping with aches and discomforts. It is essential for birth to stay calm, to have a focus and to work with contractions. And it is beneficial when your baby is here – for feeding, settling, to stay calm and to help your recovery. But it is for everyone …

Relax & Breathe – during the day

You can use Relax & Breathe throughout your day to relax your body, for energy and to manage any anxiety or stress. Just a couple of minutes to focus on your breathing, to relax your muscles, to slow the pace of your breathing, to ease any aches and pains. It is very simple to use, to bring into your day and to help you feel much better. You can book a session with me to ask questions and find out how to use and develop your own relax & breathe techniques. antenatal & postnatal specialist | working with parents since 2002

Relax & Breathe

An online birth workshop to provide you with a foundation of robust knowledge, strategies and skills you can rely on. during pregnancy using breathing in labour using breathing for birth with induction finding what works for you managing pain managing anxiety using positions & movement With resources to read and use at home so you can practice and develop your relax & breathe techniques. You will benefit from working with an experienced birth practitioner to provide you with essential information and options and the opportunity to ask questions as you prepare well for the birth of your baby. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to:*develop your own birth plan with questions and strategies*think about what you might need and what you can do*know what questions to ask*know more about potential challenges and how to manage them*have resources to reflect on the birth of your baby The online birth workshops feature as part of membership to the Mother Cuppa Community… The birth workshops run over Zoom and we will talk through the information & …

Notes For Parents – Relax & Breathe

You have been directed here from your Notes For Parents email. Here is a short Relax & Breathe exercise… It is really easy for tension to creep into your body when you are busy, rushing around or feeling stressed and under pressure. We often don’t know it is there and I find that when I do my relax & breathe sessions, so many expectant parents say they didn’t even realise they were tense. You can fit this in every day – it is simple, quick and effective and it is a great way to give you a bit of balance as well as to something just for you. My relax & breathe techniques are something that you can spend time doing and you can also benefit from using them for a few minutes wherever you are. You can download this audio here to listen to as you need it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. Janine x

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Relax & Breathe At The End Of Your Day

You can use Relax & Breathe to relax in the evening or to unwind before bed. It can be a great way to let go of your day or get ready for bed. You could use it when you get it from work, when your children go to bed, to help you unwind for the evening or before you go to bed. As you practice it, you can make it your own – fitting it into your evening when you can and for as long as you need it. Also available:Relax & Breathe For Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Just let me know if you have any questions.Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting