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What type of birth do you want?

The response to this varies a lot and there’s obviously no exact answer – it’s so personal to everyone but that’s the point. It’s an important question to think about because it goes beyond just wanting everyone to be ok – we all want that – it can help you to focus on what you would like your labour and birth to be like, what your options are and how you make that happen. I work with expectant parents who have such different birth preparation needs – caesarean, induction, anxiety, homebirth, wanting an undisturbed labour, wanting an epidural – my job is to provide the information as well as posing the questions to work out options and strategies for more control and calm rather than over medical if that isn’t needed. Think about what you would like it to look like and then explore your options to make that happen. Labour and birth don’t have to be medically cold and without options – caesareans can be calm, induction can involve positions and gravity and a …

Labour and Birth Tips

Sometimes the small things make a huge difference in labour… Just get in touch to find out more about preparing for the birth of your baby.

Birth Preparation Series

I am writing a series of posts to focus on how you can prepare, plan and do to encourage a positive birth where you are more involved and included in your care and with any decisions rather than leaving it to chance and simply going with the flow. The different series will look at:How to prioritise a straightforward labour & birthHow to plan and manage a more medicalised birthHow to plan and prepare for a caesarean birth And I will also be including information about how to adjust if your birthplan needs to change. As an antenatal teacher, I am passionate about personalised birth preparation, so you are informed and equipped with effective knowledge and strategies and so you can work equally with midwives and doctors as much as possible with plans and decisions so you are included and involved. If you have any queries about preparing for birth, just send me a message and you can also follow: #tynesidebirth Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parentingAntenatal CourseRelax & Breathe1:1 Birth Preparation


I am developing a co-ordinated approach to information, feedback & experiences, suggestions, support & conversations about birth for expectant parents across Tyneside. If you are pregnant, I want you and your partner to be able to access good information and support and to benefit from honest and experienced conversation about birth and birth preparation. Pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating as you work out what are good classes to attend, what information you need to know, what’s good to read, who to follow on social media. My aim is to share a range of articles, tips, suggestions, checklists and recommendations, along with links to other sources of information and support. I will be using #tynesidebirth on Facebook and Instagram and on my website so you can find articles and get involved in the conversation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. Janine

What do labouring women need?

Labour will always fascinate me – just how different it can be, how different each individual woman can feel and handle those contractions and the different support a woman might need. I have seen women roar during their labour – they have come to life with their contractions and can labour with very little hands-on support, just having the right people in the room has been enough. I have seen women need support with every contraction, from mild labour and right through to pushing out their baby. I have seen women need their partner by their side at all times. I have seen women need their partner to be far far away from them. I have seen women accept and embrace their contractions and I have seen women dread each one, only to feel relief with an epidural or a caesarean. I have seen women relax and feeling safe and less pain in water and I have seen women hate being in water, feeling too exposed. I have seen women who believe in their ability …