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What type of birth do you want?

The response to this varies a lot and there’s obviously no exact answer – it’s so personal to everyone but that’s the point. It’s an important question to think about because it goes beyond just wanting everyone to be ok – we all want that – it can help you to focus on what you would like your labour and birth to be like, what your options are and how you make that happen.

I work with expectant parents who have such different birth preparation needs – caesarean, induction, anxiety, homebirth, wanting an undisturbed labour, wanting an epidural – my job is to provide the information as well as posing the questions to work out options and strategies for more control and calm rather than over medical if that isn’t needed. Think about what you would like it to look like and then explore your options to make that happen.

Labour and birth don’t have to be medically cold and without options – caesareans can be calm, induction can involve positions and gravity and a calmer environment, you can still have an epidural and have the lights dimmed to rest and relax and you can probably still move about on the bed to birth your baby.

It can be really beneficial to know more about what can help your contractions become powerful, what can help you work with your contractions and what can keep you focused and calm and better able to keep going and to make decisions. And to know more of what to expect.

It’s crucial to be able to say what you need whether you are having a waterbirth, being induced or having a caesarean.

Therefore it is crucial to think about labour and birth, to prepare well for the reality of it, to know what questions to ask and to know more about your options. This can also help you adjust if your labour becomes more complicated.

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