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Why realistic birth preparation is important…

I am an antenatal teacher who discusses caesareans, induction, epidurals, forceps and baby monitoring as well as using your breathing, positions, gravity, being assertive, being comfortable, saying what you need, knowing what can help labour and birth be more effective and knowing what can help you work with your contractions and to manage your energy.

I aim to prepare you as thoroughly as I can for labour and birth so you know more and have had the time to think about and discuss some of the issues that could be part of your labour and birth, knowing what your options are and how you can manage them.

I can’t just focus on natural birth because that isn’t going to be possible for everyone. To prepare well we also need to discuss the interventions and your options with working with them. My birth preparation and antenatal courses are not just about telling you about inductions and caesareans and epidurals so you know what they involve, we will discuss your options – so you have questions to ask and so you have more control over what happens.

Would you know how to manage an induction?

How do you have gravity with an epidural?

what are your options if your baby needs closer monitoring?

I encourage questions and being supported as an individual. Each labouring woman has different needs and those needs can vary throughout labour – it’s important to be able to say what you need and to know how to stay as comfortable as possible. You can work with your midwife and be guided by your midwife but you have more control if you can say what you need, if you have thought about it.

You can’t prepare for an emergency – if a serious complication arises, you may just need to go with it but you can use your breathing to stay as calm as possible while the medical team look after you and your baby.

But you can prepare for everything else…

  • inductions are at 25%
  • epidurals are at 30%
  • caesareans are at 26%
  • there could be 400 contractions during labour & birth

Knowledge, awareness and preparation can make a huge difference to how you labour. Every labouring woman needs support but it has to be the right support for you and sometimes you might need to ask for it.

If you have any questions about preparing for labour, you can just send me a message.

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