Birth Debrief, Let's Talk About Being A Parent, Let's Talk About Pregnancy And Birth

Why a birth debrief matters…

It’s a chance to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby, which may have been different from your expectations or it may have left you feeling upset or in shock.

There is no set time to have a birth debrief session, I see parents at different points after the birth of a baby…

  • you might want to talk it through during the first weeks or months when it is fresh in your mind
  • you could be thinking about having another baby but the birth is still weighing on your mind
  • or you might be pregnant again and in need of a debrief before you can prepare properly for birth again.

Talking through birth is a huge part of my postnatal sessions, and I work with a lot of parents on a one-to-one basis to talk it through in greater detail. It really helps to be open and honest about how you are feeling, maybe saying things to me that you wouldn’t share with anyone else for fear of worrying them.

Birth can knock your confidence, it can create anxiety and low mood which can impact how confident you feel in looking after and meeting the needs of your baby. So talking through the birth of your baby matters, even if it was straightforward.

My birth debrief sessions are professional and informal, we will also talk through coping strategies as well as accessing therapy if that seems appropriate.

If you would like to talk through the birth of your baby, we can arrange a session which can be face to face or over the phone.
£50 | up to 2 hours | daytime, evening and weekend sessions