Relax & Breathe – for every day

Relax & Breathe is simple and effective and can make the management of day-to-day stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed much easier. My philosophy is that I would rather have something to fall back and use rather than just coping with stress and anxiety.

While I specialise in running Relax & Breathe with expectant parents, the techniques can be used by everyone and they have been very useful during the pandemic and its various restrictions.

My tips for using Relax & Breathe is to keep it simple, don’t overthink it – all you are doing is slowing your breathing to a more relaxed pace, and relaxing your body as you breathe out.

  • Relax and breathe for stress and anxiety

Relax & Breathe Techniques

The key to this is finding what works for you – take a listen and adapt as you need to.

An Introduction To Relax & Breathe
Focus On Your Breathing
Calm/Relax Breathing
Bubble Breathing
Focus On Your Senses

Bring Relax & Breathe Into Your Day

Use your breathing for focus and calm as you need it throughout your day. You can build it in to your day and use it to de-stress, to manage anxiety and to encourage sleep.

Slow Your Breathing
Just Breathe
Relax & Breathe To Start Your Day
Relax & Breathe For During Your Day
Relax & Breathe For The End Of The Day

Relax & Breathe Downloads

You can also download the different Relax & Breathe files – I would recommend using your phone or tablet so you have it wherever you are.

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