Preparing for a Caesarean

Preparing for a Caesarean is just as important as labour – it is still the birth of your baby and you will benefit from knowing what to expect and what your options are.

It may be that this preparation is part of your labour and birth preparation or you may be preparing for a planned caesarean.

Preparing for a Caesarean can make a difference so you:

  • know more about the process, as well as your options for issues such as a gentle caesarean, for meeting your baby, for having skin-to-skin.
  • use your breathing to stay as calm as possible – knowing how to use your breathing is not just for labour, it is just as powerful before, during and after a caesarean.
  • are able to say what you need, ensuring you are at the centre of your care, having the information you need to feel reassured.
  • can boost your recovery so you know more about what to expect as well as what can help.
Preparing for a Caesarean

Caesareans feature as part of my antenatal course and 1:1 consultations can also focus on caesarean preparation.

There is also an article about Caesarean Preparation to find out more about the essentials.

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