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14 ways to focus on having a straightforward birth

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Focusing on straightforward birth

This is an essential part of your birth preparation so you are equipped with knowledge and skills to help labour along.

If you can have a strong foundation of information with practical skills and strategies to use when you need them, you can focus on what works and adapt if your birth plan needs to change.

Of course this doesn’t mean that interventions won’t become necessary, it just means that your preparation and perspective is about what you can do with or without interventions:

  • saying what you need
  • asking questions so you know more about your options
  • movement and gravity – even on a bed
  • using you breathing
  • being supported and informed
  • resting and conserving energy
  • eating and drinking
  • putting yourself at the centre of your care

My philosophy with birth preparation is about doing birth on purpose so you have more realistic expectations, so you think about what you want birth to be and so you can be better prepared if your ideal birth doesn’t happen.

It’s important not to leave it to chance – knowing how birth works and what can make a difference is important.

These 14 steps are about putting yourself at the centre of your care so you can say what you need and do what feels right, even if labour should become more complicated.

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