Some of this week’s conversations

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It’s been a busy week seeing parents face-to-face, writing and online, where I mainly live now.

There have been many conversations about the motherload, feeling tired and keeping going this week. We have talked about what mums need because life with a baby (and possibly a toddler or pre-schooler as well) is busy and full on.

Conversations have included:

  • relax & breathe – using this as a parent as well as for birth
  • baby sleep – what’s normal and what to expect
  • postnatal expectations and thinking about this from pregnancy
  • birth recovery – how varied this can be and how we need to talk about it more
  • being induced – how to prepare
  • combination feeding – when to start and how to do it
  • the motherload – how long have you got??
  • birth preparation – contractions, energy and having a say in hospital with busy midwives

I am always here to inform, support and reassure – it’s what I am trained to do and it’s what I am passionate about.

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