Do you know what the 5 main baby challenges might be?

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This is a quick guide to the baby challenges and why your perspective and strategies can change.

Babies are pretty unique creatures with their own needs, which can be based on how they feel, cope and react to each day

Challenges can leave you feeling lost, unsure and in need of support and reassurance.

Baby Challenges: High Expectations

A big part of my job is to speak with new parents who feel like they are getting it all wrong because their baby won’t settle away from them, because he needs to feed frequently and because there is no sign of a routine.

This is all reinforced by many baby books and articles as well as advice from everyone from your health visitor to your neighbour’s aunt.

Part of the learning curve and adjustment to being a parent is getting to know your baby and what he needs, as well as learning what is normal and to be expected.

Baby Challenges: An Unsettled Baby

Every baby is different and some are calm babies who are easy to settle, while others have specific needs to become settled.

A baby may be experiencing physical discomfort, with something like reflux or allergies, or a baby may be experiencing emotional discomfort because they can only feel safe when attached to you.

You will learn what helps your baby to be more settled and you will benefit from more support if this is an intense period.

Baby Challenges: Feeding Issues

While feeding can be straightforward, it can also present a few issues. You and your baby may just need time to learn to feed, to find your rhythm and what works but there can also be milk protein allergies, tongue-tie and weight-gain concerns, which all need specific support.

If you feel that something isn’t right with feeding, ask for more help and support and how you can access local services.

Baby Challenges: Lack Of Sleep

Most parents with a baby would love more sleep and sleep is another topic where babies vary so much. How much they sleep and where they sleep are common conversations and causes for questions and concern.

Some babies sleep and others don’t. Some babies sleep sometimes and then don’t for a while. And that is normal – babies aren’t meant to sleep all night and their sleep can be affected by growth spurts, their development, where they sleep, teething and having a cold.

With lack of sleep it is important to accept it, rather than battle with it, and get more support for reassurance and rest.

Baby Challenges: Feeling Overwhelmed & Isolated

Looking after a baby can be lonely and you can feel like you are getting everything wrong.

It can be important to reach out and talk about these challenges, to know that you’re not getting it wrong because all babies are different and it can talk a while to find your feet.

If you are overwhelmed or your baby has intense needs, you also need support.

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What next? If you have a baby and you are working through some challenges, you can book consultations with me to talk it through and benefit from professional support and reassurance.

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