How can I keep my baby cool in the hot weather?

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Here’s a few ideas to help during the heatwave…

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ventilation and shade

  • try to keep your baby out of the sun
  • close the curtains during the day to keep the heat out
  • don’t cover your baby’s pram with a blanket – use a parasol or sunshade instead so the air can still circulate
  • use a fan – you can also fan over ice cubes to circulate some cold air
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  • cool baths, especially in the evening
  • paddling pool in the shade during the day
  • use a water spray and wet flannel if your baby is hot and uncomfortable
  • offer water to drink to bottle-fed and older babies
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  • reduce the bedding – this could mean changing to a thin sleeping bag or just using a sheet
  • change their clothing to something light and loose or strip them down to a nappy if that makes them more comfortable
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other practical measures

  • cuddles – some babies can be clingy because they feel uncomfortable
  • older babies may want to be popped down on a cool mat
  • breastfeed your baby more frequently
  • bottlefeed your baby little and often
  • skin-to-skin cuddles can help to cool your baby down
  • lightweight baby carrier
  • use factor 50 sun cream on babies/child aged over the age of 6 months – if your baby is younger than 6 months, they need to be in the shade
  • older babies and children can also cool down with ice lollies and fruit lollies.

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Quick signs of dehydration

Your baby or child might become dehydrated on a hot day, if you think they might be in need of fluids, try to feed more often and to offer more water to an older baby.

  • being thirsty
  • being sleepy
  • wee is dark yellow and strong-smelling
  • mouth and lips are dry
  • weeing little and less than four times a day
  • the soft spot on their head is sunken
  • few or no tears when they cry

If they are still showing signs of being dehydrated, get some medical advice for reassurance.

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