How do I manage being pregnant in a heatwave?

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I thought it was a worth a practical post to focus on managing in a heatwave while being pregnant, so here’s a few ideas for you:

  • light, loose clothing
  • drink plenty of water
  • shade and ventilation as much as possible
  • use a fan at home & work and carry one with you as well
  • use a high factor sun cream
  • rest as much as possible, especially as your nights might be disturbed
  • take a cool bath or shower
  • use cold water spray to help you cool down
  • try not to overdo it and avoid rushing around, as this could make you hot
  • if you have swollen ankles – avoid standing for too long and wear comfy shoes
  • listen to what you need and take it easy if you have a headache or feel dizzy
  • if temperatures are due to be dangerously high, do you need to be out in it? are you able to be comfortable and safe at home?
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Signs of being dehydrated

  • being thirsty
  • being tired and sleepy
  • wee is dark yellow and strong-smelling
  • mouth and lips are dry
  • weeing a small amount and going less than four times a day
  • feeling dizzy

Drink plenty of water to rehydrate yourself.

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Signs of heat exhaustion

When it is hot it is possible to become too hot and you need to be cooled down. The main symptoms can include:

  • feeling dizzy and confused
  • excessive sweating
  • feeling clammy
  • fast breathing and a rapid pulse
  • having a raised temperature
  • being very thirsty

Move to a cool place either in the shade or indoors with some ventilation and rehydrate with water. You can also use a fan or a water spray to cool down.

If you don’t feel better within about 30 minutes, get some medical advice.

If you don’t feel well if you feel like something isn’t quite right, get checked out for some reassurance.

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