5 reasons why it’s important to write your will when you have a family

When you write your will you are taking control and planning exactly what will happen to your property and belongings, giving you peace of mind that your family is taken care of.

It’s easy to put off making a will because you don’t want to think about the worst happening or because you assume everything will be straight-forward without one. But the reality is that being without a will can lead to all sorts of problems for your family.

When you have a will you are ensuring that the people who you would like to benefit actually do so, which can also avoid any possible disputes between family or relatives.

When you have dependant children, it is also important to name guardians in your will, which means you are naming who will act as a parent to your children if you die. If you don’t name guardians in your will, the care of children who are under 18 will be decided by the courts

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Here’s the main reasons why it’s important to write your will…

  1. So you can be sure that the people you want to benefit will actually do so
  2. Your spouse or civil partner may not automatically inherit all of your estate without a will
  3. ‘Common Law’ partners will not receive anything if you don’t have a will
  4. You can name guardians for your children, who will raise them if you die. Without a will in place, children under 18 could be taken into care while guardians are appointed.
  5. If you don’t have a will, there could also be lengthy delays for your beneficiaries

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Write your will with The Will Guys

After hearing so much positive feedback, I am working with the Will Guys who are currently offering a free basic will for one parent with a baby under one and a half price will for spouses/partners.

Just message me below and I’ll forward it on to The Will Guys.

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