Birth at the QE Maternity Unit in Gateshead

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The QE maternity unit has around 2000 births each year. It provides general care for pregnant and labouring women as well as more specialist support for more complicated pregnancies.

Set in its own building, this maternity unit has been well designed, providing space for a range of facilities which include a pregnancy assessment unit, private induction suites, labour equipment and a comfortable postnatal ward.

QE Maternity Unit – Pregnancy Assessment

The pregnancy assessment unit cares for women from 16 weeks in pregnancy – it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing support if you have any urgent concerns, which could include:

  • your baby’s movements
  • any vaginal bleeding
  • waters breaking
  • mental health concerns
  • signs of labour

You can also access care within the first month after you have given birth if you have any concerns about how you are healing.

You can ring the unit for support with any concerns 0191 445 2764

QE Maternity Unit – Delivery Suite

  • 6 birthing rooms, which are en-suite
  • 1 birth pool
  • 2 private induction rooms, which are en-suite
  • 2 maternity theatres and a recovery area
  • Birthing balls, floor mats and birthing stools, which are available on request

QE Maternity Unit – Postnatal Wards

There are 16 postnatal beds, including some private rooms with ensuite facilities where partners can stay overnight.

The postnatal ward has a day room as well as a jungle room for children.

QE Maternity Unit – Special care baby unit

This unit provides care for babies born after 32 weeks who need medical observation and care.

If your baby needs this additional level of care you will be kept informed, you can ask questions and you will be encouraged to be with your baby.

QE Maternity Unit – Parking

Car park 2 is close to the maternity unit and there are some free parking spaces outside the maternity unit for parents who are in labour.

QE Maternity Unit
Windy Nook Road, Gateshead NE9 6QP

QE maternity unit

Newcastle doula

As a birth practitioner for over 20 years, I have taught antenatal classes at the QE, I have helped many expectant parents to prepare for birth at the QE and I have attended as a birth doula with several parents.

The QE maternity unit provides care for families during pregnancy, labour & birth and the early days and weeks with your baby. It has planned its facilities around the needs of expectant parents.

Good communication and preparation, along with knowing your options, as well as how the unit works can make a difference to your care.

With consultations, I work with parents during pregnancy, for birth and throughout life with a young family. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a conversation to talk about your birth and baby preparation.

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My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I work with parents and families everywhere.
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