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As a Newcastle doula, I provide ongoing support and reassurance throughout labour and birth for parents across Tyneside – it’s a consistency that can help parents to be calm and to feel safe at home and in hospital.

Every birth doula will offer something a bit different but we don’t provide medical care – that is the specialism of the midwives and the doctors.

I became a Newcastle doula after working as an antenatal teacher for several years, so I have worked with hundreds of parents and I possess a great deal of labour and birth knowledge.

I know what labour and birth can look like, I know how unpredictable it can be and I also know how unique it is to each labouring woman. My role is to support, reassure and encourage, to be an advocate and to ask questions.

And during pregnancy, my role is to spend time with parents to help them know more, to plan realistically and be better prepared for labour and birth.

I don’t tell anyone what to do and using a doula is not about one particular type of birth. I have attended:

🔵hospital births
🔵 inductions
🔵 vbacs
🔵 ‘low-risk’ births
🔵 ‘high risk’ births

As a Newcastle doula…

I have attended hospital births at the RVI in Newcastle, NSECH in Cramlington and the QE in Gateshead, as well as homebirths across Newcastle and Tyneside.

And, as an antenatal teacher who has worked with hundreds of expectant parents over the last 20 years, I know the maternity system well and I am also familiar with the local hospitals.

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Having the right doula for you can make a huge difference to how supported you feel, to help you feel less alone and less overwhelmed. And I never replace a dad or partner, unless I am asked to – I am there to support and reassure them so they can also provide support.

Much of my work as a doula is about being a calm, supportive presence – someone who is focused solely on a woman in labour. Parents have hired me because of my experience and knowledge, because I am calm and professional and because they are in safe hands.

I love being with parents during the birth of their baby, its a real privilege to be trusted to provide this support and care.

My Newcastle doula work focuses on families across Tyneside, as well as in Newcastle – I am based in North Tyneside and I work with a lot of second time parents so I don’t want to be far away.

If you are curious about what a doula does and whether this might be an option for you, please do send me a message.


With consultations, I work with parents during pregnancy, for birth and throughout life with a young family. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a conversation to talk about your birth and baby preparation.

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My face-to-face consultations are ideal for parents across Newcastle & Tyneside. With Zoom sessions, I work with parents and families everywhere.
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