Here’s 5 reasons why I love birth plans

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Birth plans get a really hard time and I think a lot of this is because they are seen as a firm plan to control what happens during labour and birth. But you can’t plan exactly what happens during labour because it can be unpredictable, which is why some expectant parents say they want to go with the flow.

So why do I love birth plans?

It helps to see birth plans as a way of communicating what it important to you and what matters. This can include your ideal birth – say, using a birthing pool – but it also needs to encourage discussion if your options need to change – if the birthing pool is not available please can you talk to me about my options and give me encouragement to adapt and stay calm.

Not having a birth plan means you are making an assumption about the care and the communication you will receive – every birth professional is different and you can receive conflicting guidance or you may be asked to make decisions. Use your birth plan can help to put yourself at the centre of your care.

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Here’s the benefits of birth plans…

  1. you have thought about labour and birth and considered what you might need – so you can manage your contractions, rest, stay calm, be focused and feel safe and supported.
  2. you can share and discuss it with your partner (and doula) – I always ask for a birth plan because it gives me an idea of your expectations and needs and it encourages support. Birth partners are your advocate and they will often be talking to midwives and doctors for information and options.
  3. you can share what’s important to you to help shape your care – this can include being supported for your ideal birth, avoiding certain things such as internal examinations or asking to be kept informed, included and supported if your ideal birth changes. If you have needs that are specific to you – mental health issues, neurodiversity, physical considerations which can include any disabilities or issues such as sore knees or a bad back.
  4. it’s about communication – your midwife doesn’t know you, what you need or how you feel about labour and feel, so your birth plan is how you introduce yourself. There’s every chance you will be sharing your midwife with another woman – your birth plan will help her to focus on you and your needs.
  5. it keeps you involved – when your birth plan encourages information and support, this can lead to being kept updated, receiving explanations and be included

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