South Tyneside & Sunderland maternity units

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Between them, these maternity units have around 3500 births each year, with the majority of babies being born in Sunderland.

With a midwifery-led unit in South Shields and an obstetric unit in Sunderland, these hospitals provide general care for pregnant and labouring women, as well as more specialist support for more complicated pregnancies.

You can watch a range of videos on their Facebook page.

Early Pregnancy Assessment

This unit provides care for women between 7 and 14 weeks, who experience bleeding. Your GP or community midwife will refer you.

Antenatal Day Units

There are units at South Tyneside maternity unit and Sunderland maternity unit, where you will have your antenatal checks.

They will also provide support if you have any urgent concerns, which could include:

  • your baby’s movements
  • any vaginal bleeding
  • waters breaking
  • mental health concerns
  • signs of labour

You can contact the units 24 hours a day with any concerns about your baby:

  • South Tyneside Antenatal Day Unit – 0191 404 1031
  • Sunderland Antenatal Day Unit – 0191 569 9181

South Tyneside Midwifery-led Unit

This unit is on the ground floor of South Tyneside Hospital in South Shields and it focuses on supporting women who want a natural birth and who are classified as ‘low risk’,

  • 2 birth rooms
  • 1 birth pool room
  • 3 postnatal rooms
  • birthing balls and floor mats
  • ensuite facilities

If you need to transfer for an epidural or because your labour isn’t straightforward, you will be taken to the maternity unit in Sunderland.

Sunderland Maternity Unit

This unit provides general care for pregnant and labouring women as well as more specialist support for more complicated pregnancies.

  • 11 birth rooms
  • 1 birth pool room
  • birthing balls and floor mats, with movable beds to facilitate active labour
  • 1 operating theatre with a recovery area
  • special care baby unit for babies who need additional observations and care

Newcastle doula

As a birth practitioner for over 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of expectant parents, helping them to prepare for different labours and different births.

Good communication and preparation, along with knowing your options, as well as how the unit works can make a difference to your care.

With consultations, I work with parents during pregnancy, for birth and throughout life with a young family. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a conversation to talk about your birth and baby preparation.

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