Birth preparation for second-time parents

second-time parents

When you are about to become second-time parents, or maybe even third or fourth-time parents, you still need to get ready for birth and a new baby again.

Some of the second-time parents I see want to do the full antenatal course again – to thoroughly refresh their knowledge and skills, while others want to focus on more specific issues.

As second-time parents, here are some of the birth & baby preparation options for you

I work with a lot of second-time parents so I know how precious time can be and I am familiar with many of the issues second and third time around.

Consultation Package

These 1:1 sessions will be tailored to you. With a combination of birth debrief, talking through any concerns or worries about birth or having a new baby and discussing specific options & strategies, you will be better prepared with refreshed birth or baby knowledge.

  • £150 with three 60-90minute consultation sessions, which can be arranged at a time to best suit you.
  • Includes: access to birth preparation resources with downloadable worksheets. Plus follow-up emails.
  • You can just book here and message me below to arrange your sessions.

Individual Consultations

These 1:1 sessions can be booked to focus on one specific issue or combined as part of a consultation package.

Relax & Breathe | Brilliantly simple and effective breathing and relaxation skills to use during pregnancy and birth and with your baby.

Birth Debrief | To talk through and make sense of your previous birth as you prepare for labour and birth again.

Easing Fears & Worries | For all expectant parents to talk through any concerns about labour and birth.

Induction Preparation | For anyone who is being induced so you know more about what to expect, your options and how to manage your induction

Caesarean Preparation | Getting you prepared for your planned caesarean with information, options and recovery.

Beyond Birth | Getting better prepared for life with your new baby, your recovery and looking after yourself in those first few weeks.

  • £60 for a 90-minute 1:1 video consultations or an in-person consultation, which can be arranged at a time to best suit you.
  • Includes: access to the relevant birth & baby preparation resources with downloadable worksheets. Plus follow-up emails.
  • You can just book here and message me below to arrange your sessions.

Digital Workshops

These courses focus on individual issues and can be accessed in your own time. Each one includes resources to download, read and use at home and you can also arrange a consultation for additional information and reassurance.

You will benefit from:
*a calm, knowledgeable approach
*working with an experienced practitioner
*practical resources and downloads
*ongoing information, support and reassurance
*proven practical skills
*joining the online community group

Why I offer birth preparation consultations…

After running group antenatal classes for many years, I started to be asked for individual sessions by expectant parents who either struggled to commit to a course, didn’t fancy the group element or had a specific focus.

I now specialise in running consultations, which is very popular option with second-time parents – parents open up much more, they have the time to properly focus and ask questions, sessions are less structured, more effective and can be booked at a more convenient time.

Labour and birth are very individual and it is important to be able to provide personalised sessions that are tailored to each expectant parent.

Please feel free to message me below with any queries.

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