Do you know how to prepare well for the challenges of birth?

challenges of birth

The challenges of birth will be unique to you – what one woman finds challenging, another woman is okay with.

Labour and birth preparation needs to be more than focusing on the straight-forward – challenges exist so there is power in acknowledging them and know more about how to work with them.

And I’m not talking about complications of birth, when medical intervention is needed, challenges are normal and can occur during a straight-forward birth.

What might the challenges of birth be?

  • the position of your baby, which can cause backache, tiredness and a long labour
  • the intensity of contractions
  • fear and feeling overwhelmed
  • a long labour which can be exhausting
  • a fast labour with powerful contractions which are close together
  • being induced, which can feel more medical than a spontaneous labour
  • having an epidural, monitoring and being on a bed

And how can you deal with the challenges of birth?

Having strategies to use, going with your instincts and knowing your options means you can make decisions, say what you need and keep putting yourself at the centre of your care.

Reading well, discussing it and having realistic expectations for labour and birth means you are better equipped for the challenges of birth.

How can you prepare well?

Challenges of Labour Workshop

Antenatal Course, which includes the Relax & Breathe Course

These digital courses can be available in minutes, they can be personalised to you and you can also include consultations with me to ask questions and discuss your labour and birth preparation.

Please remember that challenges are normal – labour and birth has it’s own pace, it can be unpredictable and we can’t control it but strength comes from having knowledge and knowing what you can do to make a difference to your labour and birth.

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