About Me

My practice is me, Janine, an antenatal and postnatal specialist. As an antenatal teacher, postnatal group leader, doula & parent coach, I possess a unique range of professional training and experience.

I am a mum of three as well as an aunt of two and I know that parenting isn’t easy. This is why being able to provide personalised, non-judgemental support is so important to me.

Labour and birth is unique for everyone and there isn’t one way or a right way to do it. Birth is about having realistic expectations, along with good knowledge and skills, so you can manage the challenges, know your options and navigate the policies. Birth preparation with me reflects that because not everyone can have the ‘perfect’ birth, it is personal, it can be unpredictable and medical interventions can become necessary.

Parenting is a constant learning curve, it can be pretty isolating, with guilt and finding it hard for not having all the answers. I am always open about my own parenting challenges and I don’t believe in quick fixes – I believe in looking after ourselves; getting support when we need it; laughter; being listened to; being honest; having realistic expectations and in making small tweaks and changes when needed.

As a mum and an experienced practitioner, I understand the excitement and concerns of being pregnant, giving birth and being a parent and my work reflects this. I listen to and learn from the parents I work with and this has a huge impact on my practice.

Due to my training and experience, I possess excellent knowledge about birth, babies and early parenting.

Antenatal Education (University of Beds | three years)
I have worked with expectant parents since 2002.

Postnatal Education  (University of Beds | three years)
I have provided postnatal sessions and support since 2008.

Doula Training with Nurturing Birth
Since 2009 I have supported a number of parents throughout the birth of their baby as well as during the first few days and weeks with their new baby.

Infant Massage Instructor Training with International Association of Infant Massage
I provided monthly baby massage courses between 2010-2021.

NCFE Level 3 Counselling Skills
I gained this qualification in 2001 and these skills enable me to listen to and focus on the needs of parents.

SANDS Bereavement Support Training
I completed this training in 2016 to support my work with bereaved parents.

ASC Life Skills Coach
I completed this training in 2016 to enhance my skills and to enable me to work with parents beyond the postnatal period.

“From antenatal care to support when your baby is here, Janine is calm and supportive. She gives confidence when you doubt everything you do!”

As an antenatal & postnatal specialist…

I also listen, ask questions, lead discussions and learn from parents to better understand the different needs and concerns. My additional roles include:

  • Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Facilitator for Newcastle University Maternity Research
  • PPI Lead on the SHAPES research project at Newcastle University
  • consulting for corporate organisations

My mission

I am passionate about working with parents and providing a solid foundation of information, skills and support. In a world of conflicting information and experts, my practice is based on evidence, experience and understanding parents. My expertise lies in providing reassurance and confidence so you can find what works best for you and your family.

  1. Enrich early family life
    With trustworthy information based on evidence and experience
  2. To inform and educate
    With a solid foundation of knowledge
  3. To listen and reassure
    To ensure that you are heard, so you can ask questions, share your challenges and feel supported
  4. To empower and boost
    So you have the confidence to find what works for you and your family

With consultationsdigital guides and courses, my practice is here for you every step of the way. You can also become a member for exclusive content, discussion and a place to ask questions..
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Working with parents since 2002