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Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy after loss – miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death – can be a time of anxiety and worry which can range from mild to extreme. This can ease as your pregnancy progresses or you may remain anxious until your baby is safely in your arms.

You might feel cautious about telling people or about preparing for birth and bringing your baby home. It is also possible to feel frustrated with other people around you who don’t quite understand why you may be feeling anxious or cautious.

I work with parents to help them prepare for birth again and for meeting their baby. You may be preparing to do labour & birth again, you may be induced and you might be planning a caesarean. It can help to talk through all of these options so you feel better prepared and less anxious about birth.

With pregnancy after loss, it can be important to prepare well for birth. Private birth preparation means you can take your time and focus on your individual for information, support and reassurance.

Your pregnancy care may involve more appointments and scans – talk to your midwife or doctor about getting the right level of support for you.

If you have any concerns about your baby – from a change in movements to a feeling that something isn’t quite right – contact your local pregnancy assessment unit to get checked out.

If you do feel anxious and worried during your pregnancy, try to talk about it rather than keeping it to yourself. Knowing how to manage any anxiety with simple breathing and relaxation techniques can help to make it more manageable. This is a time to look after you, to ease as much stress as possible and get more support.

I provide pregnancy consultations so you can talk through your pregnancy, especially if you are feeling anxious or worried. It’s about feeling less isolated and developing positive strategies to get through the tough days.

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