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Do you feel confident about labour and birth?

being induced

Childbirth can be straightforward and empowering but it can also be challenging and a test of endurance so it is worth being equipped with good knowledge, practical skills and strategies, birth confidence and realistic expectations of both straightforward and more complicated labour.

Going into labour without knowing more of what to expect could leave you struggling to stay calm and unable to work with your contractions.

It can help to think about…

Do you feel confident about working with your contractions?

Do you understand what your body needs to do to bring you your baby?

Do you know how to use your breathing to stay calm and focused?

Do you have any questions about using movement & positions?

What do you expect from your midwife?

What birth support might you need?

What could be helpful to you during labour?

What could be unhelpful during labour?

Do you know what an induction might involve and how to manage it?

Do you know what a caesarean involves?

If you need/choose an epidural, do you know how to manage it effectively?

Find out more about antenatal classes and birth preparation sessions to focus on your labour and birth.