Welcome to your Relax and Breathe course

relaxation and breathing skills

This digital course is about effective relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy, birth and when your baby is here. Packed full of experience and expertise, the course is clear and practical and it will provide you with a foundation of robust knowledge and skills.

Through practice you will have simple skills to deal with pain & discomfort or feelings of anxiety, stress or panic. By bringing this into your day, just for a few minutes, you can make some time for you and boost your general wellbeing.

There isn’t anything complicated about developing your relax and breathe skills. It’s just about slowing your breathing, letting it be your focus and letting go of tension. But practice is crucial, so you can become familiar with relaxing your breathing and your body and to find what works for you.

You can read each module online – using a laptop, tablet or phone – and you can download the audio files so you can use them at home as well as when you are in labour.

This is a simple introduction to using online Relax & Breathe

  • Sit comfortably, where you won’t be disturbed and give yourself a few minutes to focus on your breathing.
  • The key to learning Relax & Breathe is to make time for it, to practise it and to develop it so it works for you.
And you can use this if you are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

Relax & Breathe is made up of three modules:
1. for your pregnancy and birth preparation
2. to use during your labour and birth
3. for when your baby is here

You can use all three modules to gain knowledge, to make notes and write your strategies for labour and birth.
You can also download the information and audio files to use during your pregnancy, throughout labour and during those early days and weeks with your new baby.

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Janine Smith | a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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