Here’s why it’s important to name a guardian in your will when you have children…

When you have children it is important to name a guardian in your will to protect your family.

This means you are naming a person who will act as a parent to your children if you die. I realise this is bleak and none of us want to think about such a tragedy but it will make a difference to your children.

By naming a guardian, you have more control over who will look after your children – this prevents family arguments and assumptions that a family or friend will be able to look after them.

As part of naming guardians, you need to consider:

  1. who can take on the role of parent to your children
  2. if you don’t name a guardian in your will, the care of your children will be decided by the courts – this can take time and it can also mean that your children go into care while this decision is being made
  3. your named guardian needs to agree to be fully responsible for bringing up your children if you die
  4. financial provision should be made for your children to enable the guardian to raise them
  5. the age of the guardian if you have young children

Tips for naming a guardian for your children

As this is a person who would be taking on the important responsibility of raising your child if you die, you need to choose someone who would be capable of the financial, social and emotional implications of raising children.

Before naming a guardian, discuss these implications with them as they need to agree to the responsibilities.

Ideally you would name one guardian, or two if they live together, as this is easier to manage.

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